Pyro (cubey) wrote in impossible_day,

It's been awhile...

Well okay in the spirit of V Day, I send a CD to someone without really knowing the reaction. Okay I was dreading the reaction, thinking it would be bad it kind of lingered with me for most of the day. Anyway I let it go as I couldnt stand it plaguing me any longer and totally forgot about sending it in the first place.

I finally get home after a rather hectic day and check my emails to find one from that person. I held my breath and openned it to find I had recieved the nicest email/note I'd ever been given. It moved me so much I got goosebumps all over. The reaction was more than I had ever expected (even though I was dreading the worst).

It just amazed me how something that could be so insignificant (like a self-made-mix CD), could bring so much happiness to a person, and ineffect make their day the happiest they've had in a long time.

Maybe not an impossible day, but... All I can say is wow.
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