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'It's a carwash, ladies and gentlemen!'

I haven't had a lot of impossible days recently. Every one that started off as if it would be was ruined by something or other.

But today, for a very small reason, i find myself smiling. I went to the pub with some friends. My uni friends. Something that i haven't really been able to say i've had until very recently. I got invited to the quiz night so went along, and the quiz masters didn't turn up so just ended up chatting with them. It was a wonderful evening.

It doesn't seem like much, but at the moment, for me, it was enough to make me smile.

Also, i've got someone else addicted to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I lent it to him and he watched it three times in a row and loves it! It's nice to be able to share an obsession.

Anyway, sleep. Goodnight, i hope you all have impossible days soon.
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