Salad Barbarian (salad_barbarian) wrote in impossible_day,
Salad Barbarian

On the 3rd of july I got up at 4:00 to film the sunrise. I had wanted to do that for a while but at this point I was staying in a place downtown that was only a short walk from the lake. I got to the lake front when I realized I forgot to bring an extra set of batteries. But it Didn't matter. I Got most of it. After I went back to the room and picked up new ones I headed out again. While walking though grant park at about 6:00 in the morning I saw some rabbits eating to flowers the city had planted. A little more walking and I was on the beach. It was empty of people at that time in the morning so I shared the view with some geese. Wandered around some more and ended up at a beach made of broken buildings. Trying to keep my balance on the stones that used to be walls and sidewalks I came across a large slab of concrete with some stones balanced on it. A few feet away was another slab with a crack in it's side with a little plant rising from it. Two pictures click to enlarge

That would have been a good day by itself. But that night I was able to watch to taste of Chicago fireworks show from the room I was staying in.
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