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My Impossible Day was good at the moment, the afterburn not so much.

Last Monday, Labour Day~ I left to go to my job, which is in another town. I bike there usually, and it takes me on average 45 minutes. Upon arriving at workm I look in the front window and see it is closed. At the time I was confused and angry that they did such a thing and didn't tell me, especially with my commute.

I shrugged it off, and took my bike to the beach. I read some of my book on a log under a tree at the shoreline, it was a wonderful moment, (save the fish smell). I then decided to bike along the coast, and I didn't realize it then, but that town is on a set of cliffs, and I was right on the edge looking out over the water. It was really beautiful! I saw couples walking, and picnicing, and dogs and stuff.

I found a waterfront trail through some forest, still on the lake, and I biked it all over, every trail, near the marshes, and across rivers (I had to carry my bike over as I waded through the water).. It was really relaxing, and so seriene. I'd never had such a day..

<i>unfortunately when I got home and checked my messages, I find the restaurant opened at 5.. and I had already left.. and accidently skipped my shift. My boss was so upset, would not forgive me.. and today I lost my job.</i>

But, however, I do not regret that day, because sometimes it is just so great to let your worries go and not think of anything else. I had a clear head for once. Now, I'm going to find a more... local job.
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