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the first day of spring

The first day of spring, well, it felt like it today. Everyone was so much brighter! The sky was clear in all directions, you could spot the planes in the distance, the flecks of white against the gorgeous blue. Noticing bulbs growing up through the piles of leaves.

Is it spring where you are yet?
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I'm in California. We practically have two seasons; summer for 9 moths and winter for 3. It's been cloudy and overcast for a month straight.

Three days ago it cleared up, the sun's been out and it's 80 degrees. I think it's summer again. :)
Yeah, England is a little different to California! Our weather is much more subtle and fickle, which is why us Brits talk about it all of the time, to everybody we can

Aww, happy summer!
LoL! And I thought that was just in Minnesota. Unless the temperature is EXACTLY 72 degrees with the breeze a certain way and the sun shining (but ohmygod not too much), someone's complaining. But I prefer our weather to that of Florida, where they have one season, all the time (or so I've gotten the impression).

Today it was cold, but the sun was out! Wooo!
Cold with the sun out was what happened here today too! It's funny, the sky was so clear it felt like walking on the moon, as if the atmosphere thinner.

...I always think of Drop Dead Gorgeous whenever I hear about Minnesota...

im in new york city
we didnt really even have a winter this year, just a fall, because the temperature never went below 30.
today, its supposed to snow for the second time. the first time it didnt even stick to the ground.
im going to a friends to get drunk and snowed in :)
Oh, I loved being snowed in! Enjoy!
ps, i really like your icon.