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stand still and wonder

The Simple Beauty of an Impossible Day
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An impossible day is the day that made it through.
The day that made you stand still as the wind rushed through you and on into the distance, the future, the world.
An impossible day is the day that you can always feel somewhere inside you, its absolute beauty guiding you through an uncertain present.

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I'd like to store a bank of different people's beautiful experiences from their lives. Everyday occurances that leave us standing still, knocked back at the sheer beauty of the world.

I hope that by reading through these pieces we could all gain a greater sense of how astounding the world really is. Also knowing that we can write our experiences here will hopefully make us all more aware of the world around us. If we look hard enough we'll find it, if we're quiet enough we'll hear it... the whole world moving around us at once...

Write a descriptive piece, however long or short, write a poem or simply just transcribe a stream of your consciousness.

Post photographs and art work too. Anything that is relevant to the moment.

I am Eddus the Mod(loki_fledermaus) I really like the idea of having an online document that is full of people's wistful wonderings about life.

Mod messages:

I've put the banners in the memories section! Add one to your userinfo page or post in your journal, whatever you want!

If you want to join our impossible day postal glamour project e-mail me eddusfledermaus@gmail.com or comment on any entry. We will be trading beautiful parcels with each other, leave us your address to get on the mailing list!