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Aw, we now have thirty members... we could be a whole class of dreamers not listening, just looking out the window at the sun.
Thank you to everyone who has joined most recently, I'm truly thankful. As soon as you have somewhere to store away the memories, you'll start to have more and more impossible days.

Happy Valentines day to everyone! Even if you don't really care, it's a little silly and fun really (even when you are single like me). I got given a Valentine's day card from the Evangelical Christian Group at my University today, it was signed in biro "with love, from Jesus". There was something sweet and then odd about it.

My impossible day:

Today the rain was really heavy, then it gave in for a few hours, gave in and then the sky was really shiny blue. In that little window of time before it got murky again I went out to get my exam results from last semester. Today I received possibly the best mark of my whole University career. Also, overall I have never receieved a better crop of exam results across the board. I guess last semester was a good one, then! That made my Valentine's day.

I hope it's been nothing but impossible today.
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Haha, love the card things! And thanks for sharing :)